Alternative fuels

Battery electric

Zero exhaust and lower noise. Highly effective in Ultra Low Emissions Zones and other city centre locations.

Clean diesel

Cleaner air and lower greenhouse gas emissions, whilst maintaining the power for heavy loads on long distances.

Hybrid electric

When workload comprises long distances and city centre locations with zero emissions.


Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will, in the future, give additional range for medium and long haul operations.

Electric HGVs

Our exclusive strategic partnership with Electra Commercial Vehicles enables us to support our municipal and transport customers to work towards a 100% clean and silent operation. We will help you get the full benefit of electric vehicles, both from Electra and alternative brands, supplied on contract hire.

New and used vehicles

Electric technology is 100% recyclable and can convert new or used vehicles
to zero emission, thus enabling them to work in the most demanding clean air zones.


Specifically designed for the demands
of commercial vehicle delivery cycles, 100% recyclable and a heavy duty charging cycle, ensuring a long life with minimal degradation.

Battery management

Electra’s Battery Management System (BMS) uses telemetry to monitor and control each battery cell, array and cassette, allowing variable power inputs and controls with each battery cell, ensuring optimal charging.

Drive motor

Heavy duty, proven technology magnet
motors for years of endurance work,
liquid cooled ensuring they can withstand stop-start environments.

Auxiliary drive pack

Specially designed for electric motor packs, which can also provide power to electric motors, to drive hydraulic pumps, refrigeration packs and anything which traditionally requires a power take off.

Control systems

CanBus controlled systems to communicate with the standard chassis and bodywork systems and bespoke software systems and controllers to work seamlessly with the vehicle’s systems.