Dear Customer,

In the light of current developments regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19), NRG has taken a series of measures to ensure ongoing service continuity for our customers.

NRG has taken additional measures to ensure the safety, health and wellbeing is monitored and maintained for all our employees.

As we all face the unprecedented situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19), it is more important than ever that we operate safely and responsibly.

Each NRG department has business continuity plans in place. The continuity plans have been implemented and are being continuously monitored by our EQHS Team supported by the Operating Board of the Group.

The following steps have or already are being directly taken by NRG to mitigate the impact that the Coronavirus may have on our operations:

  • All NRG personnel are requested to take preventive steps in terms of avoiding exposure to crowded places, avoiding presence in the office if they feel unwell and seeking medical assistance for any type of health deterioration. This is reinforced by a zero tolerance to attending any NRG operating locations at first sights of any sickness
  • A travel restriction has been placed across NRG to only allow travel in the cases of essential customer engagements, the directive being to cancel all current appointments or alternatively make provisions for telephony or conference facilities.
  • All personal travel arrangements are being monitored and self-isolation rules enforced if employees travel to areas of high incidence of Coronavirus as advised by Public Health England (PHE).
  • Home working arrangements are now in place and have commenced for a number of our employees.
  • We have mobilised additional Group locations and facilities to accommodate HQ staff from our Customer Service Centre to ensure business continuity and support to our Customers whilst mitigating risk to our employees.

All l.T. supporting systems have been tested and are prepared against our prepared business continuity plans and the supporting Teams will follow the guidance from our EQHS Team in order to ensure service and system availability is preserved.

We ask all customers requesting repairs, or other visits, to let us know if they are self-isolating or otherwise affected by coronavirus.

If you are planning on visiting an NRG office or workplace and have recently been to an area that has been directly affected by the coronavirus AND if you are showing symptoms similar to those associated with the virus (for example: fever, cough, breathlessness) we ask that you do not visit and instead call NHS 111 for further advice and instruction.

We will continue to follow government guidance, monitoring the updates from Public Health England and taking a flexible approach.

If you have an issue or query with an NRG product or service, please continue to contact NRG Customer Support as your first point of contact.

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