Liz currently handles customer relations from the RTR call centre, and she responds to break down calls amongst other things. Liz is crucial to deploying the correct fix for the client’s problem. The solution could be ranging from sending a mobile engineer or sending the vehicle to a local garage or one of our workshops.

RTR believes strongly that the power of our service is in our staff and how they operate our nationwide service network. Liz has shown time-and-time again how she can rapidly resolve any problems for our clients and keep up an optimal level of customer service while reducing downtime for our clients.

So, what is Liz’s story?

Liz began her technical education after leaving school in 2010. Despite being pushed by career advisors to go to college and pursue A levels, she just knew this wasn’t something she wanted to do.

‘I applied for a few apprenticeships within various businesses and was delighted when I was offered a job at First Bus. Alongside work, I studied at The Manchester College for three years, where I completed my apprenticeship and became a qualified auto electrician.’

Liz was then invited back to study for a further year, where she gained her Master Technician qualification. At the time, Liz was the first female in the bus industry to have this qualification.

‘The situation was quite challenging in the beginning, as I was entering what most would call ‘a man’s world’. It only inspired me to work harder and prove myself to the people who doubted me.

‘However, my career became much more exciting than I expected at the start. I have had so many fantastic opportunities since, including being a regional finalist in the Apprentice of the Year Awards.

‘I was also invited to 10 Downing Street by then Prime minister David Cameron to discuss apprenticeships – in particular how we can encourage more women to choose this career path.

‘I am very passionate about women entering apprenticeships to pursue a technical career path. It is great to see that times are progressing, and gender is no longer holding us back from following our dreams.’

‘Although my job role has since changed after joining NRG in 2018, the skills I have obtained will always be with me and come in handy during my day to day life. If I want something fixing, I do it myself.

It’s also just been great to work for a Riverside Truck Rental. Our company is so diverse, while continually moving forward and adapting to modern times.