These highly versatile specialist vehicles on 26t DAF and Mercedes chassis with Whale Tanker bodies are perfectly suited for contractors and councils working on mainline sewers, gullies and drains.

5 inch gully boom with 300 degree rotation
Sludge breaker fitted to down pipe
Medium volume drain cleaning and jetting attachment
Day Cab
Hydraulic powered self-aligning hose reel
Mistral Vacuum Pumps from 245 – 500 cfm
Hydraulic door and clamps
Gully emptying boom
(MVC Specific) Tank capacity from 6800 litres (1500 gal.) to 12700 litres (2800 gal.)
(MVC Specific) ORCA Jetting Pump with 125lpm at 125 bar
(MVC Specific) 28 gallons per minute at 1800 psi
(HVC Specific) Tank capacity from 7700 litres (1700 gal.) to 14500 litres (3200 gal.)
(HVC Specific) ORCA Jetting Pump with 264lpm at 136 bar
(HVC Specific) 50 gallons per minute at 2000 psi

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