Celebrating 12 Months of Success: NRG Riverside and S&B Automotive Academy Partnership

Written by Jenny Cook, Chief People Officer

We are thrilled to mark a momentous milestone as we celebrate the successful 12-month partnership between NRG Riverside and S&B Automotive Academy. The journey we embarked upon a year ago has been nothing short of remarkable, setting the foundation for a brighter and more skilled future.

A Year of Dedication and Collaboration

As we stand at the crossroads of our first year together, we can’t help but reflect on the incredible journey we’ve shared. In this past year, we’ve proudly nurtured and guided a cohort of 10 HGV Technician apprentices, providing them with the skills, knowledge, and opportunities to excel in their careers. Our partnership with S&B Automotive Academy has been the driving force behind this achievement, allowing us to establish a solid framework for our apprenticeship program.

Creating a Pathway to Success

Together with S&B Automotive Academy, we’ve crafted a development plan that reaches far beyond the apprenticeship’s three-year duration. This visionary six-year plan has enabled us to map out not only the educational aspects but also the career trajectories of our apprentices. It’s not just about the training; it’s about setting the stage for their entire professional journey.

Expanding Horizons: Year 2 and Beyond

As we step confidently into our second year of partnership, we’re thrilled to announce an exciting new development. Building on the incredible success of our HGV Technician apprenticeships, we’re expanding our offerings to include Business Administration apprenticeships. This expansion speaks volumes about our commitment to fostering talent across various domains, ensuring a diverse and skilled workforce for the future.

Nationwide Impact

The influence of our partnership extends far beyond a single location. With apprentices stationed in all our depots across the country, we’re fostering growth and development on a national scale. This widespread impact would not have been possible without the collaborative spirit and dedication that defines our partnership with S&B Automotive Academy.

 Empowerment through Guaranteed Employment and Rights

At NRG Riverside, we firmly believe in not just educating apprentices but empowering them with tangible opportunities. Our HGV Technician apprentices are guaranteed employment from the very moment they join us, with full employee rights and terms and conditions. This reflects our unwavering commitment to their professional and personal growth.

A Message from Aaron Lang, S&B Automotive Academy

Reflecting on this incredible journey, Aaron Lang, Senior Operations Manager at S&B Automotive Academy shares his thoughts: “Over the past year, our collaborative journey has been a testament to the dedication that NRG have for their apprenticeship programme. Together, we’ve woven the threads of expertise and ambition to develop an exceptional apprentice training programme. The milestones we’ve reached and the growth we’ve witnessed reflect not only the quality of our work but the strength of our partnership. Here’s to a year of excellent accomplishments and the promise of an even brighter future ahead.”

A Bright Future Ahead

As we celebrate this remarkable year together, we’re humbled by the progress we’ve made and excited about the journey that lies ahead. With the continued support of S&B Automotive Academy and the dedication of our apprentices and their mentors, we’re confident that the coming years will be marked by even greater accomplishments, growth, and success.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. Here’s to a partnership that knows no bounds!

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