NRG Riverside recognises that it has an ethical and humanitarian responsibility to address climate change and people’s wellbeing. We have been on a journey since November 2022 to create an ESG Charter that we believe is sustainable, measurable and deliverable over the next few years.

We are taking practical steps to

• Protect the planet: By reducing waste, energy, and water consumption.
• Care for people and our communities: Ensuring we adopt an ethical people partnership, improving health and wellbeing and creating value in our communities.
• Enhance our business ethics and accountability: Establishing a sustainable supply chain, ethical governance practices and improving health and safety.

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We have begun to develop the following strategy.

protect the plannet

Priority 1

ProtectThe Planet

To promote the transition to alternatively fuelled vehicles and maximise energy and waste efficiency by 2030.


Priority 2

Care for Peopleand Communities

Deliver a policy of people and community engagement activities for each NRG Riverside location by 2025.

protect the plannet

Priority 3

Operate Ethicallyand Transparently

Implement a policy of supply partnerships who share our ethical and sustainability values by 2030.

Our StrategySustaining our planet, people and performance



one planet

One Planet

supply chain

Supply Chain



Customers & community