NRG Riverside Bolsters Mental Health Support with Addition of 10 New MHFA Certified Team Members

NRG Riverside, a leading organisation committed to prioritising employee well-being, proudly announces the successful completion of Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training for ten dedicated individuals through Cheshire First Aid.

This significant development fortifies the team of MHFAiders across the country, elevating the total count of MHFA-certified professionals within NRG Riverside to an empowering 24.

Simon Osbourne, a highly regarded First Aid Instructor at Cheshire First Aid, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to conduct the Mental Health First Aid courses tailored for NRG Riverside. He applauded the commitment exhibited by the entire team of MHFAiders, recognizing their readiness to provide invaluable support to the organization. “It is an honour to facilitate the Mental Health First Aid courses for NRG Riverside. The collective team of 24 MHFAiders is now fully equipped to offer comprehensive support to the organisation, which is truly remarkable,” commented Simon Osbourne. He emphasised the significance of acknowledging that individuals should not be expected to navigate challenging situations alone. “Nobody should be expected to cope independently when faced with disruptions to our usual routines. There are times in our lives when we all require some form of support.”

MHFAiders play a pivotal role in fostering a secure environment, extending empathetic listening, and guiding individuals towards appropriate resources. Simon Osbourne conveyed his heartfelt appreciation to all the MHFAiders for their unwavering dedication, underscoring the importance of self-care and fostering a culture of open communication.

“I extend my sincere thanks to all the MHFAiders for their invaluable presence. Self-care is the cornerstone of providing assistance to others. Be safe, be true to yourselves, and keep communication channels open,” affirmed Simon Osbourne, emphasising the importance of self-care as a foundational element in supporting others.

At NRG Riverside, a supportive and empathetic environment is integral to its ethos. The organization remains steadfast in ensuring that every team member feels empowered and supported, particularly during challenging periods.

With an expanded team of MHFA-certified individuals, NRG Riverside is better equipped to offer crucial mental health support, fostering a workplace environment that prioritizes the well-being of its employees.

United in their commitment to nurturing a culture of care, empathy, and resilience, NRG Riverside stands firm in its dedication to creating a supportive workplace environment.