NRG Riverside ranked in top 100 U.K. Companies Recognised for Outstanding Employee Sentiment and Satisfaction

Newsweek today announced their annual rankings for the Top 100 Most Loved Workplaces® list and debuting at #88 is NRG Riverside. The 2023 Top 100 Most Loved Workplaces® are the result of a collaboration with the Best Practice Institute (BPI), a leadership development and benchmark research company.

The results were determined after surveying more than 2 million employees from businesses with workforces varying in size from 50 to more than 100,000. The list recognizes companies that have created a workplace where employees feel respected, inspired, and appreciated and are at the centre of the business model.


NRG Riverside is one of the largest municipal fleet hire businesses in the UK supplying and managing thousands of specialist trucks and units to the public and private sector. A fast growing organisation, keen to help improve employee satisfaction and in turn retain their employees, they joined the Most Loved Workplace earlier this year. The announcement came today, 4th October that they had placed in the top 100.


To identify the top 100 companies for the Newsweek ranking, companies were evaluated and scored as follows: 35 percent of the initial score was based on employee survey responses; 25 percent was derived from analysis of external public ratings from sites such as Comparably, Careerbliss, Glassdoor, Indeed and Google; and 40 percent came from direct interviews with and written responses from company officials. Newsweek then conducted additional research into every company on the list, as well as the top runners up, to determine the final list of 100 companies and their ranking. The list also includes US companies.


The key areas included in the analysis are based on how well companies demonstrate the areas within the Spark Model as defined by BPI including Systemic Collaboration, Positive Vision of the Future, Alignment of values, Respect, and Killer Achievement. Employee sentiments and emotions indicating how engaged employees are, how positive they feel about their workplace, and how committed they are to the organization’s success were analysed to identify the Top 100 Most Loved Workplaces.

“With the rapidly changing workplace and competition for top talent, more companies are recognizing the importance of employee engagement and commitment”, said Nancy Cooper, Global Editor in Chief, Newsweek. “The workplaces that have demonstrated a commitment to their employees in 2023 are more likely to attract the best talent and deliver strong business outcomes.”

Louis Carter, CEO of Best Practice Institute also commented “Fully understanding and acting upon employee sentiment, emotion, and recommendations continues to be a challenge and top priority of executive leadership…The companies on this list have committed to listening carefully to their employees to create a workplace employees love.”

Jenny Cook commented “We are delighted that so many of our employees nominated NRG Riverside for the accreditation and now to be officially ranked in the UKs top 100 Most Loved Workplaces is just the icing on the cake! We’ve been on an exciting journey over the last two years with employee engagement; listening to our employees and feeding back regularly how the business is performing and where we are investing and growing. Our engagement and overall employee satisfaction results have improved considerably and we are proud of how far we have come.”

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